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As you will see from the listings, we specialize in growing a fascinating family of very succulent plants now called Aizoaceae (formerly Mesembryanthemaceae). Don't let the name scare you-just call them "Mesembs", as we do. Commonly called "Split Rocks", "Living Stones", "Tiger Jaws", "Baby Toes", etc., the Mesembs include some of the most unusual, plants in the world.

They require very little attention, although, they should be checked regularly. Most of the Mesembs have a cool-season growing period during which they should be watered, only when the soil is fairly dry. It is not harmful to these plants to allow them to wrinkle a bit between watering; in fact, this is preferable to keeping them constantly turgid. The Mesembs need plenty of light and air circulation and as a general rule should not be allowed to freeze. A south to west window suits them very well in the northern hemisphere. Under lights they should be placed no more than 12" from the tubes and given a day length of 12 to 14 hours. For more detailed instructions on cultivation see the New Growing the Mesembs listed under Publications.