Agal-4-14.JPG (410942 bytes) Agave albopilosa Agave albopilosa is a rare Agave from Monterrey, Mexico.Newly discovered in 2007 the unique characteristic is white fuzzy tufts on all the tips of the leaves. The tufts are thought to show up 2 or 3 years from seed. Our plants of Agave albopilosa are almost 2 years old. Cold hardiness is thought to be similar to Agave victoria reginae. S/M
Agbo_2.JPG (132719 bytes) Agave bovicornuta Distinctively toothed leaf edges: red margins. on new growth. Sonora, Mexico   M
Agave cerulata v. cerulata A clustering Agave from north and central Baja California. Gray leaves with teeth along margins. M
Agachr03_w.jpg (34100 bytes) Agave chrysantha Arizona species with long, straight leaves and nice marginal teeth.  Yellow flowers M
Agave colorata Beautiful medium sized Agave with bold markings on broad leaves, from Sonora, Mexico M
Agave deserti v. deserti Another Baja, California species that clusters readily. 
Agadessim4580.JPG (134734 bytes) Agave deserti v. simplex Medium sized plant with light grey leaves and many offsets.  Used by native people for food. Coastal Sonora, Mexico M
Agagen4569.JPG (142105 bytes) Agave gentryi Medium sized plant with rigid leaves armed with large teeth. Hardy to 0-10 degrees F. M
Aggi.JPG (127653 bytes) Agave gigantensis Medium to large species with nice leaf imprints and beautiful teeth from the Sierre de la Giganta in southern Baja. M
Agave gypsophila Grey-green leaves with wavy margins; frost sensitive; Unusual species from southern Mexico. M
Agave murpheyi Blue green, narrow leaves on medium sized rosette.  Previously used as food all over the Southwest.  M
Agave parasana Short, broad leaves with nice bud imprints and strong marginal teeth. M
Agaparhua4586.JPG (134309 bytes) Agave parryi v. huachucensis Arizona species with short, thick leaves and beautiful marginal teeth.  Cold tolerant to at least 0 degrees Fahrenheit M
Agapol02_w.jpg (40405 bytes) Agave polianthiflora Very similar to A. parviflora, but with reddeish flowers. M.
Agave sebastiana Beautiful silver/white Agave from Cedros Island off Baja. Rarely available M
Agave sobria Small to medium sized Agave with nice banding on leaves. Found in Sierre de la Giganta, Baja, California M
Agastriata4590.JPG (140055 bytes) Agave striata Very narrow, straight, light green leaves with no marginal spines.  Nice spherical growth form M
Agatit4605.JPG (123059 bytes) Agave titanota Dark terminal spine with lots of marginal teeth.  Nice rosette. L
Agatou4593.JPG (138296 bytes) Agave toumeyana Small Arizona species.  The green leaves have white filiments.  Cold tolerant to mid teens.  These are intergrades between A. toumeyana v. bella and A. toumeyana v. toumeyana, i.e. smaller than v. toumeyana, but larger than v. bella. M
Agvi-re2.jpg (128817 bytes) Agave victoria-reginae CITES Restricted Plant - Distinctive white markings on dark green leaves. Chihuahuan Desert L
Agavil4599.JPG (140821 bytes) Agave vilmoriniana Octopus Agave; graceful arching leaves. Sonora, Mexico (from bulbils) M
Agazeb03_w.jpg (52885 bytes) Agave zebra Strongly spined with beautiful cross banding; Sierra del Viejo. Sonora Mexico S
Agave Collection 6 beautiful plants of this New World Genus.  (Our choice.)