Karoo Rose, Desert Rose

We are offering these beautiful flowering Adeniums. Several are from an interspecific cross between A. obesum and A. swazicum and were produced in the 1980s by plant breeder Mark Dimmitt who has been breeding for red flowers, large and many. He has succeeded! After more than twenty years he now has several clones that have either all red flowers (including the throat) or other superior characteristics.  The other adeniums have been selected by some of the country's best growers.  We offer rooted cuttings of these named clones. These plants thrive on heat and lots of light. We try to maintain a constant supply of these rooted cuttings throughout the hot, summer season, but must have hardened off plants to offer for sale.  They are best ordered in mid to late spring and all summer for best performance. We have some larger plants, please call or write for availability.

We will  ship Adeniums ONLY from April 15th until September 15th. There is a high risk of loss if they are disturbed during their dormant season. *****

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arab394-6933_w.jpg (27059 bytes) Adenium arabicum This species is typically a shrub that develops a massive caudex topped with multiple erect branches, and it grows fast.  Small pink flowers. Fairly cold tolerant when dry, but no frost. M
arabcompact-4-5661.JPG (75943 bytes) Adenium arabicum compact form This strain bred from selected parents remains smaller than standard plants of the species, growing slowly to only about one-third the usual size. Small pink flowers. The plants offered are in 2-1/4 inch pots, but are the same size as the pictured one in the 4" pot. S
arabcompact-gal5737.JPG (65814 bytes) L
obBRuby15_w.jpg (20529 bytes) Adenium obesum 'Black Ruby' A selection of the species with a white center, red petals with a very dark ('black') edge. One of the early red obesums. M
AdXPSW stripe_3.JPG (128727 bytes) Adenium 'Candy Stripes' Flowers resemble peppermint candy colors. M
CherryMarsh-03_w.jpg (14061 bytes) Adenium 'Cherry Marshmallow' Very cherry-red flower with white center.  Flower resembles a pin-wheel.  Plant makes a  good fat caudex. M
CrimStar7624_w.jpg (24480 bytes) Adenium X Arizona 'Crimson Star' Solid red star-shaped flowers 3 1/2 inches across are produced in abundance nearly year round. Erect shrub with whitish bark and pale green leaves. One of the earliest red-flowered adenium hybrids. M
Ad ESflr2.JPG (123714 bytes) Adenium X Arizona 'Endless Sunset' Large, round deep pink flowers with a long season and upright growth. Everblooming. M
EvelynM-09_w.jpg (25328 bytes) Adenium 'Evelyn Marie' Nearly circular flowers borne in profusion year round, deep pink in color.  A very lovely choice. Develops huge roots in time. Stems more spreading than those of 'Endless Sunset'

Image of 15-year-old whole plant

adol-1.jpg (129201 bytes) Adenium oleifolium 1-inch flowers with a pink edge, white middle and usually a yellow throat. This is a beautiful miniature species that looks best when the roots are raised. M
RedRib06_w.jpg (30598 bytes) Adenium 'Red Ribbons' A real beauty with large, red flowers. Another sibling of 'Crimson Star'. M
AdswPPflr1.JPG (140010 bytes) Adenium swazicum cv. 'Perpetual Pink' Beautiful all pink flowers with a deep purple throat and long flowering season M
Adenium X Arizona 'Volcanic Sunset' Large red flowers with lighter red center. Another sibling of 'Crimson Star'. M